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Markuan Management Pty Ltd (‘Markuan’) is an ASIC licensed fund manager specialising in developing real estate projects, including commercial, industrial and luxury residential properties in major cities across Australia.

Markuan has over the last decade, through a range of market conditions built a strong track record providing attractive risk adjusted returns by investing in real estate assets. Our strategic and competitive advantages are summarised as follows:

  • We only invest properties in PRIME LOCATIONS – strong demand and limited supply.
  • We CO-INVEST in all our projects and offer principal protection to our investors via internal credit enhancement mechanisms. We believe delivering long term stable returns is fundamental to mutual success.
  • We have highly specialised IN-HOUSE teams covering all core sections of our venture. We align our business with our core values – integrity, excellence, and loyalty whilst aiming to maximise risk adjusted returns, to secure wealth and legacy for our investors.

Our Vision

Securing our investors’ wealth and legacy

Our Mission

Using our core values of integrity, loyalty and our strive for excellence to deliver wealth security and success in property development and asset management

Our Core Values

We align our business with our core values:

  • Integrity – Be trustworthy and reliable
  • Excellence – Be professional and the best at what we do
  • Loyalty – Be faithful to our investors

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