Here at Markuan, we adopt the Principle of Responsible Investment (PRI). The Principles are an initiative backed by the United Nations and provide a framework for the investment community to achieve better long term investment returns and more sustainable markets using Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria. We understand that Responsible Investment is a broad-based approach to investing which factors in people, society and the environment, along with financial performance, when making and managing investments. That is why our approach to Responsible Investment involves the integration of ESG factors across all aspects of our business operations and investment activities. Markuan is committed to responsible investing which aligns with investors’ values in addition to financial returns. With over $22 trillion in assets now invested in ESG strategies globally, Markuan contributes to the security of this sector in the mainstream investment landscape to guarantee a better future for us all.


✔ Environment: Our projects are known for their resilient and environmentally friendly designs, from energy-efficient fixtures that reduce a building’s operational carbon footprint, to mobility features that improve community access to amenities and to low-carbon construction materials.

✔ Society: We have 58% female representation in executive roles and management, as well as a diverse team from across the globe which ensures the comfort of our local team and overseas investors.

✔ Governance: Our core values of integrity, excellence and loyalty, further guarantees a governance that maximises risk adjusted returns and the security of wealth and a legacy for our clients. Since establishment, we have maintained a solid track record of returning 100% of investor capital and interest with zero losses.


We demonstrates our commitment to ESG principles in our operations and engagement with all stakeholders, including staff, investors and suppliers.

· IntegrityBe trustworthy and reliable

· ExcellenceBe professional and the best at what we do

· LoyaltyBe faithful to our investors